P3 Carbon Ceramic Heat Tape 6″


Product Description

Available in 5″ or 7″ to fit any straight exhaust header on all 4-Stroke bikes and ATVs.

Replacement insulation strip for 2-stroke pipe guards now available in a 6″ strip. It is critical to maintain a small gap between the front of the exhaust pipe and the pipe guard to maximize the life of the product. The original heat strip tends to burn up and wear out with extended use. Use this 6″ strip to cut and replace the insulation to your own specs, even doubling it up for extreme applications!

  • Extra-High Temperature Ceramic Insulation Strip
  • Temperature Range: Insulation: -40° to 1500° F; Adhesive: Maximum temperature is 300° F
  • Double application for extreme conditions
  • Adhesive backed ceramic weave 2″ Wide x 1/8″ Thick
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