P3 Carbon Fiber Rear Rotor Guard Replacement Fin (Solid) KTM / Husqvarna / GasGas | 2014 - 2024

P3 Carbon SKU: 501015

Solid replacement carbon fiber rear brake rotor guard (for paneled go to Product 501016) for P3's Rear Brake Rotor Guard Kit or for those using KTM or Husqvarna's caliper support bracket 7771397501030 or 7771397511030.

Made from P3's quadaxial carbon fiber and heavy-duty Kevlar, this guard is twice as strong as any carbon rotor guard you've ever seen!

If you need the entire kit, including an adapter and Rear Brake Caliper Guard, please see Product 501013 (Solid) or 501014 (Paneled).  

Ride With Confidence.  You're #P3PROTECTED.  


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