P3 Carbon Pipe Guard Stock & Pro Circuit KTM & HSQV 125/150 | 2019-2022 | GasGas MC125 2021 - 2023

P3 Carbon SKU: 101049


If you need a Pipe Guard for off-road riding and don’t plan on encountering a lot of rocks, concrete walls, trees and an occasional animal then this is the Pipe Guard for you. It is built on 20+ years of experience and utilizes a formula that makes it the best pipe guard on the market. However, if you need a specialized Pipe Guard for Enduro, Hard Enduro and/or Sheep Herding then look at the Enduro Construction.

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P3 Pipe Guard KTM 125/150 SX/XC 2019-2022 Stock & Pro Circuit Pipe Husqvarna TC 125 2019-2022 and GasGas MC125 2021 - 2023 (Pro Circuit Pipe 0751912)

P3 Carbon Fiber Composite 2-Stroke Pipe Guard Features:

  • Carbon, Fiberglass and Kevlar composites for super high impact strength
  • Our special blend of high temperature resins for long life and high strength
  • Hi temp coating on under side to resist heat
  • Molded design for a perfect fit
  • Extremely easy to mount
  • Made in the USA