P3 Carbon Shock Heat Shield 1090 & 1290 (All Models) | 2016 - 2022 (See Fitment Tab)

P3 Carbon SKU: 201201-Standard


If you need a Heat Shield for off-road riding and don’t plan on scraping against a lot of rocks, concrete walls, trees and an occasional animal then this is the Heat Shield for you. It is built on 20+ years of experience and utilizes a formula that makes it the best Heat Shield on the market. However, if you need a specialized Heat Shield for Enduro, Hard Enduro and/or Sheep Herding then look at the Enduro Construction.

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Eliminates heat to your 1090 / 1290 shock - A cooler shock results in enhanced suspension performance and extended service intervals.

When shock oil overheats, it breaks down and leads to increased wear as well as diminished suspension performance. EXTRA BONUS: No more heat to your left leg!!!

Made from P3's high quality quad-axial carbon fiber.

Save Your Shocks! Increase Your Performance!! Limit Amount of Service!!! Cool Your Leg!!!!