P3 Carbon MAXCoverage 2-Piece Heat Shield | Honda CRF110 | 2019 - 2022

P3 Carbon SKU: 205081-Standard


If you need a Heat Shield for off-road riding and don’t plan on scraping against a lot of rocks, concrete walls, trees and an occasional animal then this is the Heat Shield for you.  It is built on 20+ years of experience and utilizes a formula that makes it the best Heat Shield on the market.  However, if you need a specialized Heat Shield for Enduro, Hard Enduro and/or Sheep Herding then look at the Enduro Construction.

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Fitment:  Honda CRF110 2019 - 2022

Top off your bike build with a P3 Carbon Fiber MAXCoverage 2-Piece Heat Shield.  Protect  your header (and your leg!) with P3's carbon fiber for a great factory look.