P3 Carbon Pipe Guard MAXCoverage Pro Circuit KTM/HQV 250/300 2020 - 2023 (See Fitment Tab)

P3 Carbon SKU: 101070


If you need a Pipe Guard for off-road riding and don’t plan on encountering a lot of rocks, concrete walls, trees and an occasional animal then this is the Pipe Guard for you. It is built on 20+ years of experience and utilizes a formula that makes it the best pipe guard on the market. However, if you need a specialized Pipe Guard for Enduro, Hard Enduro and/or Sheep Herding then look at the Enduro Construction.

Available Now!

This guard fits Pro Circuit (PN: 0852030) with the following Fitment:

Husqvarna TE 250i 2020 - 2023 | TE300i 2020 - 2023 | TX 300i 2020 - 2022
KTM 250 XC-W TPI 2020 - 2022 | 250 EXC (TPI) 2020 - 2022| 300 EXC (TPI) 2020 - 2022| 300 XC TPI 2020 - 2022| 300 XC-W TPI 2020 - 2022

P3 Carbon Composite's NEW LINE of MAXCoverageTM products are designed for the hardened extreme rider that takes their adventures to the MAX! While not for everyone, this guard offers the best coverage for the extreme conditions regardless of where you ride!

  • MAXCoverageTM
  • Carbon, Fiberglass and Kevlar composites for super high impact strength
  • Our special blend of high temperature resins for long life and high strength
  • Hi temp coating on under side to resist heat
  • Molded design for a perfect fit
  • Extremely easy to mount
  • Made in the USA