P3 Carbon Fiber Universal Linkage Guard

P3 Carbon SKU: 701000


If you need the best all-around Skid Plate for any type of riding then this is the Skid Plate for you. It is the swiss-army knife of Skid Plates – it will work in any environment, and you will not be disappointed. However, if you need a specialized Skid Plate for Enduro, Moto or Sheep Herding then look at our other construction types.

Available Now!

Protect Your linkage and top off your P3 Carbon Skid plate with our newly developed Universal Carbon Fiber Linkage Guard. Designed with our plates in mind, scribe marks for our KTM Superhooks. If you do not have a Superhook, you can fasten the Linkage Guard using your current skid plate's fasteners. If you have questions / concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Carbon Fiber and Kevlar composites for super high impact strength and a long life
  • Available in our Black carbon fiber
  • Molded design for a perfect fit
  • Replacement hardware available separately
  • Hand made in the USA